Campus Government Beat Report

Updated as of 2/3/17


Beat: Campus Government

Synopsis: Arkansas State University’s campus government provides students, faculty and the community with the ability to voice ideas and concerns with improvements across the ASU campus. Each part of the campus government connects different groups of individuals and allows for a student and faculty partnership to bring wanted change and leadership to the school. The campus government consists of four predominant leadership organizations:

  • Student Government Association
  • Graduate Student Council
  • Board of Trustees
  • Faculty Senate

Members of each organizations are elected or voted on. Each organization also has regularly scheduled meetings open to the public with its meeting minutes posted online for later review.

Chief Newsmakers:

  • Hannah Aldridge, ASU Student Government Association President, can be contacted by email at or phone at 870-972-2050.
  • Ethan Barnes, ASU Student Government Association Chief of Staff, can be contacted by email at
  • Howard Slinkard, Senior Board of Trustees member, can be contacted by email through ASU System email at or phone at 501-660-1000.
  • Hunter Sadler, Graduate Student Council president, can be contacted by email at
  • Mike McDaniel, Faculty Senate President, can be contacted by email at or phone at 870-972-3106.

Clubs/Organizations: Campus government provides two opportunities for student involvement.

The Graduate Student Council has elected Hunter Sadler as the 2016-2017 school year president. The GSC meetings are open for all graduate students to attend and all positions can be applied for by application.

Student Government Association is a student run organization looking to ensure the betterment of student living on campus. SGA has elected Hannah Aldridge as the 2016-2017 school year president and Ethan Barnes as the 2016-2017 Chief of Staff. Members hold elections, vote on student-raised concerns and polls, and work to promote democratic principles.

The Faculty Senate consists of one elected individual of each college of the university to represent the college over issues concerning the well-being of the entire university.

Special Services:  The campus government organizations do not provide any notable special services to individuals.

Events: Organizations within the campus government hold and produce various annual and nonperiodic newsworthy events and announcements.

  • Student Government Association sponsors food drives for the on-campus food bank.
  • SGA partners with the NEA March of Dimes group to establish an on-campus MOD group.
  • Graduate Student Council holds annual elections near the end of the spring semester.
  • The Arkansas State Board of Trustees regularly appoints new members as current member terms end.
  • SGA plans various pep rallies throughout the semester in the Convocation Center or at the Centennial Bank Stadium.
  • Faculty Senate, Graduate Student Council and SGA hold regularly scheduled meetings open to the public.

In the News:

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Annual Newsworthy Events:

  • Profile of Newsmaker
  • Board of Trustees Membership Appointments (TBD)
  • March of Dimes Merger (February)
  • Food Pantry Drive (February through May)
  • Graduate Student Council Elections (April)