News Tip – Mike McDaniel

News Tip #4    –           Michael McDaniel


Idea: Dr. Michael McDaniel currently holds the position of Chair/President for the Arkansas State University Faculty Senate. As many students on the ASU campus do not participate in faculty politics, many students are unfamiliar with McDaniel. McDaniel will remain in the position for an undetermined period of time.


  1. Michael McDaniel, ASU Faculty Senate President, 870-972-3106, 870-935-5163, Donald W. Reynolds Center for Health Sciences room 211G
  2. Mary Lou McDaniel, Mike McDaniel family member, 870-935-2122
  3. Lindy McDaniel, Mike McDaniel family member
  4. Jameika Hearn, Communication Disorder Administrative Specialist, 870-972-3106
  5. Loretta Neal McGregor, ASU Faculty Senate Vice Chair, 870-972-3064, Education building room 309


  1. Describe your academic career (to him).
  2. What kind of change do you hope to bring to the Arkansas State campus (to him)?
  3. What are your plans as far as serving on the faculty board and as a professor (to him)?
  4. What kind of person have you observed McDaniel to be (to others)?
  5. In what ways have you seen McDaniel as a positive influence in others’ lives (to others)?
  6. Name three words that describe McDaniel (to others).


  1. The second semester’s end draws near as Arkansas State Faculty Senate president Mike McDaniel looks for different ways to bring a positive influence to campus.
  2. Arkansas State Faculty Senate president Mike McDaniel continues his leadership as he nears his 11th year as Chair.

Multi. Component:

  1. Photo of Mike McDaniel.
  2. Photo of ASU Faculty Senate members
  3. Link to list of Mike McDaniel’s published works
  4. Link to Arkansas State website
  5. Photo of Donald W. Reynolds Center for Health Sciences