News Tip – ASU Food Pantry

Idea:  Arkansas State’s new Food Pantry was established in the fall of the 2015 school year, having only a minimal amount of traffic flow through the doors. The strictly campus-affiliated food pantry helps roughly 30 families or roughly 150 people on a weekly basis. The volunteer organization is loosely working with ASU’s Greek Life and is looking to become more involved with students and other groups on campus such as Student Government Association.


  1. Julia Williams, ASU Food Pantry Chair, (501) 230-6873,
  2. Kris Richardson, NEA Food Bank President, (870) 932-3663, (870) 933-6639
  3. Doug Whitlock – ASU Interim Chancellor,, (870) 972-3030, Administration Building 201
  4. Hannah Aldridge, ASU Student Government Association President, (870) 972-2050,



  1. What kind of impact does the ASU Food Pantry hope to make on the students on and off campus, as well as the surrounding community?
  2. What kind of items are welcomed and needed at the Food Pantry?
  3. How is the Food Pantry administration working to be able to support as many students as possible?
  4. Which groups on campus would be beneficial to the ASU Food Pantry for student involvement and publicity?
  5. If someone wanted to become involved, how would one go about doing it?



  1. As the Jonesboro poverty rate continues to increase, Arkansas State University Food Pantry is doing its part to help combat poverty among its students.
  2. A merged Jonesboro food bank effort is underway as Arkansas State University Food Pantry looks to join forces with NEA Food Bank in hopes to reach more members of the community in need.


Multi. Component:

  1. Link to ASU Food Pantry Facebook page
  2. Link to ASU Food Pantry page via A-State website
  3. Link to NEA Food Bank official website
  4. Photos of facility/students working at facility
  5. Photos/videos of previous food drives